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1. What does Make my Workout do?
Make my Workout is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most professional training service available in the fitness industry in India. All our personal training services are tailored to each person’s individual needs, which is why we are sure each person will successfully reach their goals. 2. Where can I do my sessions?
At home or outdoors, whatever works for you. 3. I live in an apartment. Will I be able to workout at home?
All you need is about 200 ft. of free space. It could be your living area, balcony, terrace, basement, garden etc. 4. I don’t have any equipment, How do I get started?
You won’t need any equipment to get started as we will send some basic equipment.
It would however be comfortable for you if you had a yoga mat and some basic workout clothes.
5. Do you recommend buying equipment? If yes, from where?
It not essential. However, if you would like to workout on your own the days you are not in session, the equipment will come in handy. We can get a basic equipment kit delivered to your home upon request within a day or two. 6. How many sessions can I do in a month?
You can choose to do 8, 12, 16 or 20 sessions a month. We can customize a package that works for you!. 7. How long will be a session?
Each session will be 60 min. which includes warm up, stretching and cool down. 8. How safe is it to let a stranger (trainer) in my house?
To ensure your safety, we have screened and verified all our trainers. Do let us know should something not feel right. 9. Is it ok for me to workout when I have some injuries?
Do mention your injuries and physical condition as accurately as possible to the trainer; they are trained in basic injury management and will plan a workout keeping that in mind. 10. How safe is it to workout a few weeks after delivery?
We don’t think there should be a problem however, it is advisable to check with your doctor. 11. How do I make my payments?
You could pay online by the standard options or send in a check. 12. What if I am unable to exhaust my sessions in a month due to unavoidable circumstances?
We offer buffer week for situations just like these, which means you could use 5 weeks instead of 4 to finish the sessions. 13. Do I need to pay the full amount in advance?
Yes, we operate on a pre-paid model. That way we can also ensure continuity with the same trainer. 14. I might need to reschedule my sessions. How do I do that?
Just call/ email us, we will take care of it for you!. 15. I love your service and would like to spread the word around. Is there a benefit for me?
We are ecstatic that you love our service and would want your friends and family to know about us. If they end up joining, you will receive a discount on your next package. 16. I travel for work quite a bit and may end up discontinuing for sometime but I don’t want to lose my balance sessions. What should I do?
You could put your sessions on hold and resume when you are able to. We will try our best to assign the same trainer to you. If unavailable, a new trainer will be assigned.
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Why Make my Workout We bring your fitness home to you!
  • Training sessions according to your fitness level
  • Workout routine to suit your preferences
  • You save time on traveling
  • You have access to certified trainers
  • Variety of workout, no boredom