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Nutrition Services

At MMW, we believe in making lifestyle changes which means, not giving up food but using a balanced approach to healthy living.
Since everyone is different- different ages, hormones, metabolism, health risks, personalities, habits and relationships with food. A personalized program that addresses your specific needs is critical to your success. We’ll help you learn about what changes are right for your unique situation and provide you simple, step-by-step strategies.
  • Your dietician will assess your food habits, preferences, goals and come up with a customised diet plan which you can incorporate immediately.
  • Your dietitian answers your questions, provides personal attention and support regarding your progress and challenges.
  • Regular feedback, tips and encouragement. Get all your questions answered as well as, getting a thorough review of your food records and progress reports each month.

  • We strive for balanced approach to diet, with expert personalization. Call us for more information or sign up today
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Why Make my Workout We bring your fitness home to you!
  • Training sessions according to your fitness level
  • Workout routine to suit your preferences
  • You save time on traveling
  • You have access to certified trainers
  • Variety of workout, no boredom