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A Certified Trainer Focused on You

A certified trainer is the expert who will make your plan and the friend who will make sure you use it! That’s the heart of our system – a trainer with a heart! Someone who’s planning for you, thinking about you, and always there to keep you honest, motivated and on track.

A Perfectly designed plan just for you!

Weight loss requires a total system for success. That’s us. No guesswork, no stress, nothing to figure out. Just a practical and complete exercise and meal plan that’s hand made by your trainer, just for you. Powerful tools and instructional exercise videos so all you focus is on losing that weight.

Complete Solution, At your Convenience

Why stress trying to make your life fit your plan? With Make my Workout, It is all about you. Get a plan as dynamic as you are, updated as often as you like. Plus smart, simple tools so your personal plan is always in sync with your real life.

A Real Trainer You Can Really Afford

A real trainer, a real plan and so much more. At a price that will make you say “OMG, I can’t believe it’s so super affordable.” In fact, an entire month of unlimited, private and convenient attention from your online trainer costs less than you’d pay for just an hour of training at most sweaty, crowded, non-private gyms. With Make my Workout, the best way to lose weight is also the cheapest.

With the personalized fitness and meal plan you are on your way to losing weight and a fitter you! For just Rs. 1999/ month, you get

  • Custom workout with videos
  • Unlimited motivation and support
  • Tools to track your progress

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Why Make my Workout We bring your fitness home to you!
  • Training sessions according to your fitness level
  • Workout routine to suit your preferences
  • You save time on traveling
  • You have access to certified trainers
  • Variety of workout, no boredom